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Empowerment Partner (EP)

What is an Empowerment Partner(EP)?

The term “empowerment” means to recognize another person’s dignity and to help build his or her confidence. We are looking for a “partner” rather than a “supporter,” so the relationship is not one-sided, between the one “supporting” which leaves the other “being supported.” An “empowerment partner” is in a partnership with the KSTN where, by providing mutual support, respect each other’s dignity and increase the confidence of both parties.

“Empowerment partners” are asked to engage in work that is pro bono and voluntary to create shared value with the KSTN. Specifically, empowerment partners will contribute their experiences, skills, and networks to promote KSTN activities, which are driven by the KSTN mission rooted in its history and its principles. We look forward to your application!

Who we are looking for as our Empowerment Partner

We are currently looking for the following types of people to become our Empowerment Partners:

  • Students (especially those aspiring to be teachers), professionals (working for corporations or NPOs), housewives, and others who are interested in the latest trends in education and human resource development

  • Teachers, ICT assistants, and those working in schools who would like to use their experiences in the classroom to transform education

  • Researchers from diverse fields (non-education scholars are welcome) who would like to apply their knowledge to change education

  •  Researchers who are interested in a new field of education research (collective impact evaluation, the concept of student/teacher/school well-being, performance indicator development)

  • Those interested in education who can help with Japanese-English translation, interpretation, as well as native English speakers who can proofread English language documents

  • Individuals acting on behalf of government such as boards of education and municipal governments who are interested in co-creating a new type of education

  • Media production specialists who can help develop media content and disseminate our publicly engaged educational practices

KSTN is still in its infancy as an organisation, so we are seeking the help of various individuals and organisations to build our network. We invite you to register if you have the knowledge, experiences, skills, and networks including, but not limited to, those listed above.

We especially welcome those who wish to grow with us by treating each other as equals despite our differences in age, occupation, and/or status and those who wish to share both the agony of facing challenges and the joy of achieving new heights through our collaborative activities.

Registering as an Empowerment Partner(EP)

If you agree with the goals, meaning, and principles of the KSTN and its activities, and if you possess knowledge, experiences, networks, and special skills that you wish to use to support us and revolutionise education with us, then please register to become our Empowerment Partner.

Once you are registered, we will contact you to discuss how we might collaborate based on your experiences and preferences. Please note that not all registered EPs are guaranteed to participate in KSTN activities.

All work contributed by EPs will be considered voluntary and free of charge.

■ How to register

Please fill out the “Empowerment Partner Registration Form” and send the form to the email address below, under “Submission.”

■ Submission

Kyoso Sankaku Tanken Network Secretariat (at the Tokyo Gakugei University)
Saori Amemiya, Yuka Hasegawa

■  Registration start date

June 28, 2021, at 12:00 pm (JST)

■ Empowerment Partner Call for Applicaiton
■ Empowerment Partner Registration Form
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