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Regional ecosystem unit

Kyoso Sankaku Tanken Net (KSTN), as an open network, aims to co-create the future of education by collaborating with a variety of regional stakeholders.

We are inviting new applications from "Regional Ecosystem Units" that coordinate, in a variety of forms, education-related projects (of local jurisdictions, corporations, and organisations, research, as well as practices in schools).

We encourage those who support the aims of the KSTN to organise a regional ecosystem unit and to voluntarily and autonomously participate in KSTN activities. We look forward to your application!

Each regional ecosystem unit will participate in the KSTN network primarily through the following 3 activities:

Engage in the independent and autonomous activities of the regional ecosystem unit

Each regional ecosystem unit will harmonise and co-create with a variety of stakeholders from the region to advance the concept of realising the "well-being of me, you, society, the world, and the planet"

Participate in network-wide workshops and other activities as well as the KSTN steering committee

KSTN is managed by the KSTN steering committee, to which 2 representative members of the regional ecosystem unit (1 adult and 1 student) will participate. The representatives will be involved in the overall management of the KSTN through committee tasks.

Participate in the university consortium

Researchers involved in the regional ecosystem units may participate in a broadly organised cross-regional consortium to contribute their research.

Our future activities and directions for research will be decided and carried out through our collaboration with the regional ecosystem units.

To apply, please see the forms below.

The deadline to apply is July 19, 2021, 01:00 JST.

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