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Origin of the name
"Kyoso Sankaku Tanken Network"

​< Why use the hiragana character? >

There are three types of characters used in the Japanese language: hiragana, katakana, and kanji.
Hiragana is the easiest to write and it often leaves readers with the softest impression of the three.
Hiragana allows us to think about the future of education and about our well-being together, with not only adults but with young children who can only read hiragana.
Writing in hiragana allows us to imagine various compound words in kanji that signify different meanings.
This allows us to think flexibly about one word from multiple perspectives.
Kyoso Sankaku Tanken Network aims to be a network that can do just that.

Kyoso means… To harmonise, and co-create
Sankaku means… To engage, triangulate, and collaborate with “industry-government-academia”
Tanken means… To explore, inquire, and research


Not competing
Not participating in the rat race

Not going crazy


Let's aim to build a good society together.​

Not chasing after immediate profits, but by looking after
the well-being of ourselves,
the well-being of others,
the well-being of our society,
and the well-being of our planet.​

We live in a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) world.
Let's not be confused. Let's not go crazy.

Co-creating and harmonising

Let's become a person who shares the responsibility of creating our own society.

​Let's create schools and education systems that are open to the public.

​Let's form a network that is recognized and accepted by involving diverse groups of people.

Let's talk about new ideas and values without being bound by the status quo.

Let's always continue to ask questions, regardless of who we are.



Engaging and triangulating

Engaging, which means designing our society together,rather than just participating in one that was already made.

There are many triangular partnerships in the world,including "industry, government, academia"

"Me, you, and the planet
"Society, environment, economy"
"School, community, home"
"Students, teachers, parents"

Collect six triangles and we can form a hexagon…
add more triangles and we can form a circle…
add more and we can approach a sphere.​


We can collect a lot of pieces to create a big social ecosystem.

Inquiring, researching,
and exploring


Let's keep the curiosity and excitement of our childhood alive.

Let's explore the future of our education and well-being. 


Let's keep moving forward to the next learning and discovery,
based on what we find through inquiring, researching, and exploring


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